Chard Pro-Former Jerky Gun



  • Motorized jerky gun with built-in power cord
  • Powerful motor and gears provide 300 lbs. of force
  • 15 inch aluminum tube holds up to 1.5 lbs. of meat
  • 4 stainless steel jerky-making attachments for strips and sticks
  • Loading funnel, meat pusher, and two cleaning brushes
  • Includes hard-shell case for convenient, organized storage

The CHARD Pro-Former Electric Jerky Gun forms large amounts of wild game or lean ground beef into jerky quickly and efficiently with one pull of the trigger. If you’ve got a big appetite and a lot of jerky to make, this motorized jerky gun has everything needed to turn jerky making into an easy and enjoyable activity. Powerful motor and internal gears provide 300 lbs. of force and the effort needed to reduce hand fatigue. The 15 inch aluminum tube holds over 1.5 pounds of meat, ideal for larger batches while the loading funnel and meat pusher ensure efficient prep time. Four stainless steel nozzle attachments are included for making strips, double strips, sticks and double sticks. Jerky gun and accessory parts conveniently nest inside portable hard-shell case. Includes a tube brush and nozzle brush for easy cleanup. Make It Yours after a large hunt or harvest with the CHARD Pro-Former Electric Jerky Gun.